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I'm Katie MacQueen, and I help busy adults plan amazing vacations all over the world.

How much time do you have?

The average traveler performs over forty (FORTY!) searches on eight websites before booking a trip. How much time is that? Choosing resorts, reading reviews, searching other sites to see if they have the same reviews... What other things could you have been doing in that time? Wouldn't it be great if you had a person in your back pocket that could do all of that for you?

Why do you need a travel advisor?

Advocacy: I work for YOU, not for the hotels or resorts or airlines. That means I spend my time researching different vacation options and can make an informed decision about what elements of a trip are the right fit for your family. It also means that if something goes wrong you don't have to spend your vacation time fixing it- you call me.

Value:  How much is your time worth?  Your time at work, your time with friends and family?  This is what I do for a living, so I'll be doing my job while you get on with yours.

Knowledge: When your tooth breaks, you go to a dentist. When your roof leaks, you call a roofer. Why? Because they're the people with the subject matter expertise. Travel shouldn't be any different. I tour facilities, develop relationships with suppliers, keep abreast of travel trends and requirements, and maintain a working knowledge of the industry.

Organization: One vacation can include flights, hotels, cars, tours, excursions, dinner reservations- juggling all of that takes your time and energy. When you work with me, I juggle all of that. I make and confirm all of your reservations- all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

Excellent agent! Provided exactly the right amount of support for me and let me handle the things I wanted to! Plus, she checked in to make sure everything went well on my trip. Amazing service and a friendly face!

Laura C.

Kate has made a stressful time period so much easier. I didn’t have time to research Disney, work, plus mom duties! She knows the ins and outs of Disney and has made our itineraries. This has put me at ease!! I have Kate book my travels and when something went wrong she fixed it! If she can book it, I have her do it. It’s been easier that way!

Erin L.

She knows her stuff. All I did was give her the date of our trip and what our goal was. We literally just brought our bag and she did the rest. The best part was I could call her the day of with stupid questions and she had answers for me. I will for sure be using her again for our family's first Disney trip in May. Thank you Katie for such a great, worry free experience.

Carrie M.

I came to Katie with an absolute last min request to help with a quick 2 day Disney trip. She FAR EXCEEDED everything I could have wanted. She handled everything so I didn't have to stress and was in consistent contact with me even during our trip !! 100% recommend and 100% will be using her services again !!

Kassie P.

My Specialties

My abilities aren't limited to what you see here- but these are the things about which I'm particularly passionate.  Don't hesitate to reach out even if your adventure doesn't fit these boxes.

Walt Disney Company


Not just Disneyland and Walt Disney World- the Walt Disney Company offers a tropical Hawai'ian resort, FOUR non-US parks, cruises to everywhere, and even adventure tours on SIX continents!  The Disney company has something for everyone- whether you want the cartoon mouse or unique foreign experiences.  In addition, Disney Cruise Line is routinely awarded the Best Large Cruise Line by Conde Nast.

UNESCO World Heritage


This is a landmark or area which is chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as having cultural, historical, scientific or other form of significance, and is legally protected by international treaties. Some of these, like the beautiful city of Venice, are unfortunately impermanent.  See them while you can, and gain a better understanding of where you fit into our great big world.

Special Needs Travel


I'm certified by the Special Needs Group in accessibility and special needs travel.  That means everything from evaluating thresholds on my resort tours to having a hospital bed delivered to your cruise ship, and beyond.  There is NO reason the differently-abled can't see the entire world.  As long as the resources exist, I'll get you there.

Let's get going

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